So a long time since the last post, again.

It’s been a hectic time the last couple of months with tons of big projects coming to an end after another without a pause for breathing or writing. First off, it’s been a fun ride working with Titus Paar on the VFX for his film pilot “The Legend of Dark Rider”, that included some photorealistic renders of a medium sized town and a pov shot and animation of a tavern, and also a head that gets ripped in half.



We also did the introduction vfx for a Steven Seagal B-movie, mainly being inserting futuristic screens on buildings. The movie isn’t yet released so I can’t include any shots from it, as of yet.

Three Paradox game trailers, for Stellaris (click to watch), Hearts of Iron (click to watch) and Tyranny (click to watch).

Tyranny was our first E3 trailer, the gameplay reveal trailer of Tyranny – Knight Rider (no it’s not a “Rider” theme by choice…)

And to end this post, I’ll attach my latest personal project as well, named Loose. Have a fine ass summer, peeps!



Karlskrona 4 December


The whale from 4 December, Karlskrona. I Sculpted it in Zbrush, textured it in Quixel 2.0 and rendered it with Octane.



The christmas card of 2015 from our studio istudios visuals – directed by the skilled and amazing Erik Hellmouth (


The other talented and wonderful people that worked on this project (and what shot they created) are:

The Bridge: Viktor Johansson
The Painting: Emmelie Smith
The Light house: Erik Hellmouth
The Floting mountains: Henrik Svilling

Cinematography by: Patrik Nilsson
Grade and Compositing by: Anton Johansson
Sound design and music: Ola Bäckström and Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen.
Hdri photography by: Danile Lee, Gabriel Palma.
Additional rotoscoping: Emma Eklund

Royal Hand Studios


This time I had the honor to get the image of the month in this issue of 3D-Artist Magazine, with some fine comments. Very happy to announce that!

The reason for the longer inactivity on this blog is because I’ve taken under to work as a 3D-Artist for Royal Hand Studios and are developing a very interesting VR game, in a low poly look – this is unpaid but very fun and hopefully it’ll turn into a paying job soon enough, together with the very talented and amusing people within this gamecompany.


For the few that understand Swedish, and who find this interesting – here is an interview with the two of the guys (Benjamin Magyar & Tobias Berntsson) that pulled me into this wonderful project, listen to it here!

This was after a very succesful reveal of the pre-alpha demo at the Swedish gaming festival Dreamhack.

Kinguin did a nice tidbit about it and here you can also see our very handsome and skilled scriptwriter Maxim Mildenberg that you should check out, skip to 1:53 minutes in! Here!

Also, here is a screenshot of how the game will look – in this virtual reality lowpoly world!


And here is a trailer!

And please, if you want to support us, help us spread the news by liking our facebook page! Have a great week and a good rest of the summer!

Terrastrella Inc


Terrastrella is a project and idea I’m doing in the little sparetime I have, even though I’m unemployed. Everything in the scene is animated, and will get a hell lot of a more details and stuff going on, for an interesting animation – that’s the plan so far!

Drilling island, where they extract the glowing purple/pink minerals and shipping them to the nearby island cities.


So the last past days I’ve spent trying to become friends with unreal editor 2014. Reason is to delve into a game-engine, could as easy have been Unity or something similar but I went with ue14.

This is my first tests with props and game-effects, no post work is done on these in photoshop, it’s all in the engine. The thing that really pissed me off recently was reading up about why fbx imported objects from C4D to Unreal Editor 2014 doesn’t include the smoothing groups. This is why the assets doesn’t look smooth. Anyway this is a black hole for my time, it’s so fun learning about this, and I realize more and more that I’d love to work with games.

I hope you enjoy these early examples!

burper2 Environment

Araknoidea SE15

Araknoidea 2 Araknoidea bw Araknoidea SE15 2 Araknoidea SE15

A personal project and preview of upcoming animations for my implementation / Rigging showreel I’m working on.

Every part of it is rigged, even the fingers on the grab-hand and there will be more modules added later, with full control. The chords allover the machine is dynamically rigged as well, so they move naturally with the machine – they are dynamically simulated within C4D, not rigged with bones, so the chords would not work with a game-engine but the rest of it does, and I’m thinking of creating an game asset of it it.

I hope you like it!