Building a street part 1

I blocked up just the road and pavement – since I have no sketches but merely moodboards in my mind, I’ll keep it basic at this point. I keep it all white with no specular/reflection, and started to add details. Lamps was enhanced with Zbrush for subtle details. Then I decided to start working with the buildings. I figured I’ll start with a few houses, independent from eachother – to later add buildings that binds them together.

You can see that it’s all very basic at this point. I’ll try to keep everything easy to modify later on (not making it editable or converted to poly). Any new Idea will be fairly easy to incorporate that way. I still doesn’t know exactly wich angle I want in the end, so I’ll keep all details very basic as long as I can. If a building close to the camera will be out of focus – then I don’t want to make unnecessary details.


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