Building a street part 3

A perfect example where I do something stupid – because I’m a grade A scatterbrain. Also, I’ll call this part of this diary the “YAY-FOR-PLUGINS-STEP”! Ivygrower, I love it.
If I like it, I will cover this whole wall, then I don’t have to add too much details to the wall, if it’s being hidden..

Nothing more than an update on how the street is coming together. Now I obviosuly need to set the framing as soon as possible. The scene is so wide, that I’m risking building stuff that won’t even be seen.

This is as far as I will go with the quantity of buildings. The end frame will probably be something like this – depending on the usage.

Now I will put all the different buildings to different layers, so I can add more detail to each segment of the scene. I will also add a custom image for a sky, work on the lighting and so on. I start with the lighting, so that I know where the light will be dim – and then avoid adding to detailed objects in those areas. I should also start playing around with the depth of field at this point.


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