Building a street part 5


Okay, for backtracking…
I decided that the first render goal will be a daytime picture. As you can see, I have started the texturing of the buildings. I modelled the car and vespa and placed them in the scene, the location of them doesn’t feel 100%. As you can see as well, there are some major issues.

1. The car is not supposed to be flying…
2. The lighting is pretty uninteresting, and doesn’t match the sky at all
3. The angle is very uninteresting as well – but since it’s only one side of the street, I don’t have a ton of options. Yet.

4. It’s a very bad render, it took two and a half hour to render, wich is unacceptable. There are many artifacts due to the uncontrolled sketch-lightning.

These four issues is what I will be focusing on first – before I continue the texturing, or adding new details.


I decided to switch render engine to a non-physical one – for trying out the rendersettings a bit further. Without any tweaking I got the render time down from 2.5 hours to 40 minutes. I even like it better like this, crispier colors and better renders of the windows.

I also deleted and resetted all lighting, to redo it with more precision, tweaking and also set them correctly for the new renderer.


So now almost everything has a texture or a custom shader. The buildings has a painted texture, because they are the biggest – these textures will be redone when the lighting is completed. It’s still a very basic lighting setup. The smoke is volumetric pyroclusters – and they are animated in case of any animation in the scene would be required. The flags has all the same pose, wich is wrong – and it’s not supposed to be a Swedish flag. I just wen with it for the sake of having a basic texture. Next step will be to really nail the final lighting.


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