Building a street part 6

Sidetracking. I decided, for my own sake regarding my interest in the scene – to keep the project on a distant machine. I’m on the brink of overworking some details – and decided to add bigger details – making the scene denser. This car I made yesterday, and will go into the scene as well. One of the cars will probably be rendered with a medium motionblurr, too add a bit of life to an otherwise quite dead street.

More experimentation with colors (in post) – also added the new car to the scene. It covers the phonebooth almost completely, so I think I’ll move one of these around so it’s not invisible. Next step is blurr of different kinds, and maybe the car will work where it is, if it has a certain amount of 3D Motion blurr, so that the phonebooth shines through from behind the blur of the car. Let’s start experimenting… 3D Depth of field and 3D motion blurr is time-consuming for the render-engine, so this might take a while.


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