DSTORT – Creative Hookup

DSTORT - Creative Hookup

So, for a long time I’ve been talking to fellow creators how we all should get together, and maybe that way get bigger and more advanced projects a kick in the right direction. Sadly, these things almost never happen.

Sometimes people have an idea, but don’t have the know-how or knowledge how to get it started, or just not enough people involved to complete a vision. So I though I’d give the old idea a try – so I started a facebook page called “Dstort“. Not much on there, so far, more than a note – wich is quite essential! My thought is to collect the name and expertise from people who like me, would like to create something more with the ideas we have, than just a still image, or a short script. So I’ve been hoping to fill this note with likeminded souls, and hopefully, sometime in the future we might have a contact book with creative minds. Feel free to get on the page, like it and submit your name and field of expertise, if you wish to be part of this experiment! And if you get an idea, or have a project that’s stuck – write about it and see what happens!

Remember, this is if not stated otherwise meant to be a pro bono thing, not a  place to go looking for jobs (but who knows what’ll happen?)

[Dstorts facebook page]


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