Karlskrona 4 December


The whale from 4 December, Karlskrona. I Sculpted it in Zbrush, textured it in Quixel 2.0 and rendered it with Octane.



The christmas card of 2015 from our studio istudios visuals – directed by the skilled and amazing Erik Hellmouth (https://www.artstation.com/artist/erikhellmouth)


The other talented and wonderful people that worked on this project (and what shot they created) are:

The Bridge: Viktor Johansson
The Painting: Emmelie Smith
The Light house: Erik Hellmouth
The Floting mountains: Henrik Svilling

Cinematography by: Patrik Nilsson
Grade and Compositing by: Anton Johansson
Sound design and music: Ola Bäckström and Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen.
Hdri photography by: Danile Lee, Gabriel Palma.
Additional rotoscoping: Emma Eklund


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