So a long time since the last post, again.

It’s been a hectic time the last couple of months with tons of big projects coming to an end after another without a pause for breathing or writing. First off, it’s been a fun ride working with Titus Paar on the VFX for his film pilot “The Legend of Dark Rider”, that included some photorealistic renders of a medium sized town and a pov shot and animation of a tavern, and also a head that gets ripped in half.



We also did the introduction vfx for a Steven Seagal B-movie, mainly being inserting futuristic screens on buildings. The movie isn’t yet released so I can’t include any shots from it, as of yet.

Three Paradox game trailers, for Stellaris (click to watch), Hearts of Iron (click to watch) and Tyranny (click to watch).

Tyranny was our first E3 trailer, the gameplay reveal trailer of Tyranny – Knight Rider (no it’s not a “Rider” theme by choice…)

And to end this post, I’ll attach my latest personal project as well, named Loose. Have a fine ass summer, peeps!



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